Phishing Protection

Phishing is the most common attack vector being used by attackers today, many technologies can detect and block most Phishing emails however many still slip through the net and reach the end users mailbox.


We have partnered with IronScales to provide an automated email phishing remediation solution. It detects and blocks email phishing attacks in real-time, with or without human intervention, followed by an enterprise-wide remediation response.

The solution empowers employees to report suspicious emails with one-click on their toolbar in both Outlook and Gmail clients.


Once deployed, organisations can drastically reduce risk by allowing any, and all, employees to report, quarantine and remove suspicious emails. The automated phishing response technology is intelligent enough to analyse the maliciousness of the threat and remove it from all employee inboxes to prevent it from spreading.
In addition, each time a malicious event is detected, it remembers it, so that the same type of scam can never successfully infiltrate any other computer within the network again.

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