Security Awareness Training

The end user has quickly become one of the most appealing targets for attackers looking to compromise an organisation. 


Regular training, education and evaluation via Phishing simulation can increase the maturity of an organisations end users and significantly reduce the risk of compromise.


We have partnered with IronScales to provide a complete end to end solution which is fully customisable, campaigns can be created mimicking many real-world attack vectors and campaigns, difficulty levels vary depending upon the specific user’s maturity, campaigns can be run against specific business functions or departments or simply an entire organisation and can be scheduled to run over a staggered timeline or via a 'big bang' approach.


Gamified training provides interactive education and feedback to users which is much more effective than a simple video or text based approach.


With in depth reporting options and maturity trending visualising the improvement and maturity increase can be demonstrated very easily.


We provide multiple levels of service from simple solution deployment to a fully managed service.


Our solution also incorporates with our automated Phishing Protection solution providing a complete end to end solution to Phishing attacks.


If you would like to learn more about our solution or are interested in a free of charge proof of concept contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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